?what is electric powertrain

electric powertrain

Electric vehicles are here to stay! They are cleaner for the environment. Based on JICA studies, 75-85% of
Tehran’s air pollution comes from mobile sources like cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. Approximately
28% of this pollution are caused by motorcycles.  According to various statistics, there are more than 3
million motorcycle in Tehran that replacing them with the electric motorcycles has a significant impact on the
environment and air pollution reduction, and will help promote a green future for generations to come.
In addition, by considering the efficiency and price of electricity and fossil fuels, electric vehicles are 60%
cheaper economically than diesel or CNG vehicles.




NEMA MOTOR PISHRAN is an engineering companyof electric powertrain producer dedicated to
delivering exceptional value to its clients with innovative engineering solutions. NMP was founded
in 2013 with the purpose of powertrain produelectric powertrainction for electric vehicles.
From its expert engineers and technicians, NMP is now designing and manufacturing electric
powertrains and drive systems. Our “start from scratch” approach allows us to develop an optimum,
efficient, and most importantly, reliable design of a powertrain. NMP designs, builds, and supports
powertrain that not only meet the operational demands of our customers, but do so with high



?what is powetrain

The Geared mid-Drive Electric Powertrain is a conversion kit that consists of a powerful BLDC motor

, a highefficiency 5-speed gearbox and a high-power compact driver that can be easily installed on any types of light
cars, tricycle and conventional motorcycles and upgraded these to electric. The output torque of this
powerful powertrain is equal to a 150cc gasoline motorcycle. We are very interested in partnership with
existing gasoline motorcycle manufacturers to whom we can provide complete kits for them to start electric
motorcycle business quick and easy

The BLDC motor

of this powertrain is a powerful and high-speed electric motor that is manufactured

by highquality materials, so the motor has low losses, high performance and high efficiency up to 90%. The output
torque of the electric motor is transmitted to the rear wheel by the gearbox. The five-speed gearbox provides
various transmission ratios to enable the speed of the powertrain to be adapted to different driving situations,
so that the efficiency of the system remains at the highest state at different speeds and torques.

موتور bldc The
electric motor and gearbox assembly are oil-cooled andare sealed to meet IP54 protection. Also, this package is
equipped with a control system with the latest technology and components, which has been designed
and implemented by the NMP expert engineers. This controller with a complete and advanced protection
system protects the electric motor and driver against  damage of overload condition. .




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