About us


About us

NMP is Knowledge enterprise company that design and manufacture electrical powertrain

for motorcycle. At 2013, company plans product development projects in order to achieve

high performance powertrain. At present, our powertrain for electric motorcycle is at

production line.


  • 1-5 KW BLDC motor for standard motorcycle chassis
  • BLDC motor controller 40-70 volt and 80 amperes
  • Battery charger 60 volts and 15 amperes
  • Solid State Relay (SSR)
  • CVT gearbox with BLDC motor
  • Lithium battery pack development
  • Electrical motorcycle and car system design

Company Development history

2013: Investigate the feasibility of the plan

2014: Prototype design and manufacture

2015: Market research and STP

2016: Product Development

2017: Investment

2018: Company establishment

2019: Pass electrical motorcycle standard test

2020: Electrical powertrain production line development